There's always next time


In the end we lost the race against time to get to the start of the Round Britain and Ireland race - but then sailing almost 2,000
miles to reach the start was always going to be a tough challenge -especially as we were starting out from the arctic several months before people would normally consider going sailing in such latitudes.

We got as far south as Stavanger whilst waiting for a suitable weather window to cross the north sea but it never came. The long term weather forecasts would tantalisingly promise 3 or 4 days of settled weather, but in reality the settled conditions rarely lasted longer than a day before the next weather system was on it's way.

The disappointment of failing to reach the start was tempered by the though that there is always "next time" - and in 4 years time when the next 2 handed Round Britain Race comes around we won't make the same mistake of getting stranded high in the arctic the winter beforehand and leaving ourselves with a mountain to climb just to reach the start.

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