Storm Clouds over Bella Bella


Summer may have put in an appearance south of Cape Caution but now we are some 500 km north of Vancouver it is still feeling distinctly wintry.

The last 2 days have been spent sheltering in Bella Bella as we wait for a 45 knot gale to blow through. With it has come copious quantities of rain and a reminder that our 30+ year old hatches are overdue replacement. They are clearly not coping well with the demands of being in the Great Bear Rainforest -so another thing to add to the winter refit list.

A new addition to our inventory this season has been a subscription to the PredictWind weather forecasting and routing service which promises to bring ever more detailed forecasts and wind animations direct to our chart plotter. It’s all very sophisticated but for the moment all it is succeeding in doing is painting an even more graphically enhanced picture of weather “awfulness” that in days gone by would have been simply foretold by the mercury falling out the bottom of the barometer.

Worse still the forecasts are not really promising us better things to come. The rain animation simply blanks out the entire chart for days on end and the wind barbs don’t seem to be showing any sign of wanting to shed their copious winter feathers.

However, we are well sheltered here in Bella Bella and have discovered the only coffee shop in town serves the most amazing home baked muffins - so by the time we escape from here we might be a couple of pounds heavier!

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