Grounded by GDPR


For most people in Europe GDPR has meant receiving and endless stream of emails from organisations, many of whom you will never have heard off, begging you to tick a box and stay on a mailing list that you never signed up for in the first place. However for those of us whose day job involves managing data processing, GDPR has been a serious impediment delaying the start of our sailing season.

Our initial plan to get away and be heading northwards by early April was firmly grounded by a last minute flood of work as companies rushed to meet the 25 May deadline. The fact that everyone has had 2 years warning to prepare for the deadline, seemed to be of little consequence, as most didn’t see the need to part with their hard earned money and commission any work until 2 weeks beforehand!

However, with the 25 May deadline having passed, and the reduction in junk mail that many hoped it would bring about proving to be as illusory as a solution to the Northern Ireland post Brexit border issue, we were able to throw off our lines and start on our way north.

Needless to say this was the signal for the Pacific High to firmly establish itself and set up a fresh northerly airflow after weeks of what would have been for us very favourable south easterlies. Sod and his legal system never seem to be too far away from us when it comes to sailing!

However, the sun has shone and whilst the northerly winds have been too strong for a passage up the west coast of Vancouver Island as we had originally hoped, we have made good progress up the Inside Passage visiting some new places we didn’t see last year.

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