The Great Bear Rainforest


Take the bear out of it and the Great Bear Rainforest has truly lived up to its name. In the 8 days since leaving Campbell River we have experienced endless rain. The relentless sound of rain beating on the cabin roof and against the back of our foul weather jacket hoods has been our constant companion, whilst our Webasto cabin heater has become our best friend. Meanwhile the only bears in sight were the ones to be seen on wall murals in Prince Rupert. With both air and water temperatures dismally failing to reach double figures, we suspect any real bears with an ounce of sense will have gone back into hibernation!

However, it has not been all doom and gloom. With the rain has come lots of southerly winds which although too strong for a comfortable offshore passage as we had originally intended, have nonetheless allowed us to make good progress northwards up the inside passage. The many waterfalls lining the inside passage have also been in full spate, forming brilliant white slashes down the otherwise endless carpet of green forest that is the northern BC coast. One particular highlight was watching a pair of humpback whales diving at the foot of one of these waterfalls, their spume almost indidistuigishable from the spray rising up from the falls, but their distinctive diving tail fins brilliantly highlighted against the white of the falls.

We are now within a day of crossing into Alaska and the prospect of some exciting new cruising grounds and hopefully the arrival of Summer to look forward to.

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